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Seasoning, Spices

Yuzu Miso 120g

JP ¥317

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Yamamoto Brewing

Seasoning, Spices

Yuzu Miso 120g

JP ¥317

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Make ae-mono even more delicious with this Yuzu Miso!

Made with fresh yuzu and miso,
it goes well with winter radish, eggplants, konnyaku,
grilled fish such as yuzu kama.

You can also boil leftover vegetables and mix with this yuzu miso,
it will make a perfect Yogoshi.

Yogoshi is a famous dish of Hokuriku area made of chopped leaves of white radish
and eggplants mixed with miso.

■Ingredients: Miso (NON-GMO Soybeans, Rice, Salt), Sugar, Yuzu, 
Reduced Syrup, Fermented Seasoning, Sakekasu
■Content: 120g
■Weight (g)(Including Packaging): 140g
■Made in Toyama
■Caution: Consume as soon as possible once opened.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store in room temperature (before opened).
■Brand:Yamagen Jouzou, co. Ltd.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05373999028
Jan: 4979369101023

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