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Hair care

New Scalp Brush 

JP ¥6,076

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Hair care

New Scalp Brush 

JP ¥6,076

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This scalp brush reaches the areas that are hard to reach
with your fingers when shampooing.

The ball-shaped nylon brush will massage your scalp thoroughly stimulating 
blood vessels, which promotes hair growth and better hair quality and skin.

Different types of pins are situated on the surface of the brush, 
and the center of the brush is higher than the rest, it will be easy to massage from any angle.
It can also be used for hair styling.

■Choose a color from the drop-down menu.
1:Blue Grey  2:Rose Pink
■Size:【Brush】Approx. 10cm
【Handle】Approx. 9cm
■Material:【Grip】Acrylic Resin
【Brush】: Nylon

■Made in Osaka
■Weight (g) (Product Only):90
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 155
・This brush is for massaging of the scalp, hair washing/blowing/styling.
・Avoid directly applying hair growth/styling products to the brush.
・Avoid using when there are fresh scars, rushes or redness on the scalp.
・Discontinue use if any skin issues arise.
・Do not massage the same spot repeatedly, do not apply strong pressure.
・Avoid tangling the hair.
・Nylon might cause static in your hair.
・When you use the brush on dry hair, use water or styling products to avoid hair static.
・Do not forcibly brush the hair especially if you long/permed/curly hair.
・Applying the dryer heat too long might disfigure the brush.
・When blowing the hair, put the dryer at least 10 cm away from the brush.
・If you're wearing hair plugs or consulting a doctor, do not use this product. 

Blue Grey:4580197740041
Rose Pink:4580197742007

Item No. V05341XXX028

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