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HYDRO ION WATER - 24 Bottles

JP ¥16,848

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HYDRO ION WATER - 24 Bottles

JP ¥16,848

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Hydrogen ion is added to the mineral water that has been collected

in the Rokko mountain area, and heat-sterilized to make

this "Hydrogen Ion Water" fit for drinking.


Since the water structure is small with low Oxidation/ Reduction Potential(ORP),

it easily passes through and penetrates cells working as an antioxidant to reduce

inflammation while also boosting metabolism.


Through the exclusive technology developed during the long-term research of hydrogen ion,

the commercialization of this water was realized.


Hydrogen ion contained in the OCT's Hydrogen Ion Water won't evaporate

even when boiled or vibrated.


The shelf life is two years from the manufactured date,

so it is suitable for long-term storage.


This product will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


■Ingredients: Water (Mineral Water), Magnesium Sulfate

■Out of 7 major allergens (wheat · buckwheat · egg · milk · peanut · shrimp · crab): None

■Nutrition Facts: per 1 L

· Calories (kcal): 0

· Protein (g): 0

· Fat (g): 0

· Carbohydrate (g): 0

· Sodium Chloride(g): 0

· Sodium(mg): 12.1

■Contents: 500 ml x 24 bottles

■Weight (incl. packaging): 13,480 g

■Made in Hyogo

■How to Serve:

You can drink the water as is at room temperature or chilled.

It'll also be a great use for making coffee/tea or cooking.

■Caution: Please drink while still fresh after opening.

■Shelf Life Before Opening: 2 years from the manufactured date.

■Manufacturer: OCT, Inc.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05149999028
Jan: 4582196998836

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