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  9. ぷるんと蒟蒻ゼリーパウチ マスカット 24セット


ぷるんと蒟蒻ゼリーパウチ マスカット 24セット

JP ¥5,529


ぷるんと蒟蒻ゼリーパウチ マスカット 24セット

JP ¥5,529

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ラッキー キャンペーン!


・その他の地域:一律 1,500円





Popular snacks of Japan selected by! The items are for bulk orders and come in packs or cardboard boxes. Enjoy these snacks with your family and friends. It will make a great gift!!

Use plenty of fruit juice 22%. Please enjoy the deliciousness of plenty of fruit juice with the texture of jelly.

This product is deliciously handy petite size jelly with plenty of fruit juice. Easy to eat with anyone, in the form of suction prevention. Please eat as a quick snack when you are hungry. By devising the form, it is a delicious jelly that keeps the conventional texture. This product changed form from pillow type jelly so far, it changed to a form that can prevent suction by extruding and eating it. It is a safe form of jelly that can prevent sucking which tends to be in conventional cup type jelly.

Please eat well while pushing the contents so as not to clog the throat.

The items are for bulk orders and come in packs or cardboard boxes. Even though some of the boxes may have hand-written letters or numbers that were scribbled on the outside during the handling process at our distribution center, each item inside the box is up to the required standard.

Item No. V05262999028
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