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Plum Syrup with Apple Vinegar

JP ¥4,898

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Red-plum garden


Plum Syrup with Apple Vinegar

JP ¥4,898

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This syrup contains ripe Nanko-Ume (Plums) which is pickled only with sugar and apple vinegar.

Also, the apple vinegar is naturally fermented without using yeast.

No additives or preservatives are used.

Mix this syrup with water to make a fresh plum juice.

Mixing with alcohol such as Sake or Shochu can make a delicious glass of Umeshu.

Also, pouring this syrup over your favorite desserts can make them even more delicious.

Enjoy the combination of rich sweetness and clear sourness.

It will make a great gift.


■Ingredients: Plum, Sugar, Apple Vinegar

■Contents: 330g×4

■Nutrition Facts (100 ml)

*Calorie (kcal): 257

*Protein (g): 0.2

*Lipoid (g): 0

*Carbohydrate (g): 64.6

*Sodium chloride (g): 0.028

■Weight(Including packaging): 1650g

■Made in Wakayama, Japan

■How to Serve:

・Combine with water or soda four to five times the amount of the syrup to make plum juice, serve with ice. Use hot water in the winter.

・Pour the syrup over shaved ice or yogurt, use it for jelly or sherbet making. It'll be delicious with milk, too! Also, mixing the syrup with milk can make it tasteful.

・Make cocktails by mixing the syrup with alcohol such as shochu and Sake. Try various ways to enjoy this delicious syrup!

■Caution: There may be some sediment of the plums at the bottom of the bottle but it has no effect on the quality.

■How to storage:

・Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

・Keep it refrigerated (under 10℃) once opened.

■Shelf Life Before Opening (from the manufactured date): 10 months

■Manufacturer: Koubaien Co., Ltd.

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V05019999028

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