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Seasoning, Spices

All-purpose Soup Stock Pack [Dashi KING]

JP ¥2,592

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Seasoning, Spices

All-purpose Soup Stock Pack [Dashi KING]

JP ¥2,592

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This is a quick and easy all-purpose Japanese soup stock for home use.

The six kinds of domestically produced ingredients such as hardwood-log shiitake mushrooms, kelp,

flying fish, dried mackerel, dried round herring, and dried bonito flakes/arabushi,

are well blended using the original technique.

It will be an essential ingredient for Japanese cuisine or it can be used as a seasoning as well.

Not only the Japanese food, but it goes well with many dishes.

Enjoy the rich aroma and its flavor every day!


■Ingredients: Dried Bonito Flakes/Arabushi, Dried Round Herring,

Dried Mackerel, Flying Fish, Kelp, Hardwood-Log Shiitake Mushrooms

■Nutrition Facts: 100 g

· Calories (kcal) : 209

· Protein (g): 19.8

· Fat (g): 1.1

· Carbohydrate (g): 29.7

· Sodium Chloride(g): 42.9

■Contents (ml): 440 g

■Weight (incl. packaging): 450 g

■Made in Tottori

■How to serve:

1. Put the dashi pack in a pot with 700 ml (approx. 4 cups) of water or hot water

2. Bring it to a boil over high heat, reduce the heat to medium and then let it simmer for 1~2 minutes.

3. Remove the bag and now you have flavorful dashi! (Keep the bag in a pot if you prefer.)


・Seal tight after opening the package so they don't go stale. Best consumed immediately.

・Be careful with small bones if you open the bag and use it as a seasoning.

■How to store: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

■Shelf Life Before Opening: 18 months from the manufactured date.

■Manufacturer: ESTRIZIÉRE Co., Ltd.

Item No. V05010999028

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