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Canned,Retort food

King Crab Curry from Hokkaido

JP ¥1,140

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Takashima food

Canned,Retort food

King Crab Curry from Hokkaido

JP ¥1,140

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This is a pre-packaged "king crab curry" sumptuously used the meat of "king crabs" from Hokkaido which are grown in the northern ocean. In order to bring out the rich flavor, it took a long time to be cooked. This is a rich flavored curry which is ready-to-eat by just heating up.  Enjoy the curry with a rich aroma of seafood from Hokkaido. Serving not only with rice but also with noodles is recommended as well.


Ingredients: vegetables (onion, carrot) (Hokkaido), curry roux (flour, edible fats and oils (beef and pork fats), curry powder, salt, sugar, banana, sauteed onion, lactose, fond de veau sauce, sauce powder, spices, powdered skim milk, glucose)(Japan), king crab (Russia), apple jam, stew roux, fresh cream, curry paste, caramel pigment, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), acidulant, (soybeans are partially contained for the ingredients)

 Out of 7 major allergens (wheat · buckwheat · egg · milk · peanut · shrimp · crab): contains wheat, egg, and milk

Contained: 200 g

Weight (incl. packaging): 238 g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve: put a sealed package in a boiling water for 8 ~10 minutes, and pour over the rice when heated.


Even if the curry is poured in a bowl, do not microwave it. The ingredients may explode.

Be careful with heated ingredients and curry when opening

How to store: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. Store at room temperature.

Expiration date (from manufacturing date): 1 year

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Item No. V04605999028
Jan: 4948487220527

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