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Hitosujinawa Matcha Udon Noodles

JP ¥617

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Miwa mountain wins made noodles


Hitosujinawa Matcha Udon Noodles

JP ¥617

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The "Hitosuji Nawa" is a handmade premium somen made by the craftsman at Miwa Ymakatsu Seimen,

a specialty noodle factory in Miwa, Nara. The Yamashita family, who runs the factory,

has been making quality noodles for over 200 years.


Using the low-gluten flour and the sun-dried salt full of minerals,

flour's characteristic sweetness is highlighted.

Also, Yoshino Kuzu (starch made of sweet potatoes and kuzu) is used instead of oil, 

which gives the noodles an extra smooth texture.


Matcha powder in the ingredients makes these noodles aesthetically beautiful

and perfect for gifts.



■Ingredients: Flour (made in Japan), Salt, Starch, Matcha, Coloring Agent (Crocin), Fragrance

■Nutrition Facts: per 100g

・Calorie (kcal):332

・Protein (g):7.6

・Fat (g):1.1

・Carbohydrate (g):72.8

・Sodium Chloride (g):5.6

■7 Major Allergen (Wheat, Buckwheat, Egg, Milk, Peanut, Shrimp, Crab): Wheat

※Manufactured in a facility that uses Japanese yam and soybeans.

■Content: 170g (2 servings)

■Weight (Including Packaging): 180g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve:

1.  In a large pot, bring water 10 times the amount of the noodles to a boil. 

    *Tip: Putting an umeboshi in the boiling water makes the noodles more chewy and springy. 

2.  Put noodles in the hot water. 

3.  Wait for 2 mins while occasionally separating noodles with chopsticks. 

4.  Extract bubbles with a spoon when the water boils again. Reduce heat. No additional water needed. 

5.  Transfer the noodles to drainer, wash them with ice water, drain.

6.  Transfer the noodles to a large bowl and serve. 

※Cooking time varies. 


・Be careful of the hot water and do not leave the pot unattended while cooking. 

・Consume as soon as possible once opened.

・Do not consume if you are allergic to wheat.

■Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from moisture. Avoid direct sunlight.

■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date):18 months 

■Manufacturer: MIWA YAMAKATSU. CO., LTD


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Item No. V04185999028

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