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Green Smoothie 30 pack

JP ¥3,240

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Kowa Limited


Green Smoothie 30 pack

JP ¥3,240

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A green smoothie with 9 ingredients such as young barley leaves and kale. To keep all of the vitamins and minerals, while also taking away the bitter taste, the vegetables were processed using low temperature drying. Monde Selection gold award winner (2015). Includes 30 packs. 


■Ingredients: Barley wheat yeast extract powder (dextrin, barley young leaves powder), kale (dextrin, kale extract powder), spinach powder, celery powder, caelly end powder, cabbage powder, broccoli powder, shiso extract powder, wormwood powder, vitamin C

■Nutrition information per 2 packs (6g): *Energy (kcal): 21.12 *Protein (g): 0.69 *Lipid (g): 0.1 *Carbohydrate (g): sugars 4.21, fibers 0.26g  *Sodium (mg): 24.6

■Content: 3g×30bag

■Content (including packaging): 143g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: Drink about 2-3 bags a day with cold or lukewarm water. Also tastes good if honey is added into the mixture. 

■Precautions: *If at any point you notice that the product doesn’t fit your body, immediately stop consumption. *Once opened, securely zip the bag after every use, store out of reach of small children. Consume as soon as possible. 

■Storing: Store away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity

■Best by date (from manufacture): 2 year

■Manufacturer:  Kowa Ltd.  

Item No. V03292999028
Jan: 4972991005035

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