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  7. Ganso Kujira-ya Whale Yamato-ni 6 Cans


Ganso Kujira-ya Whale Yamato-ni 6 Cans

JP ¥2,948

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Ganso Kujira-ya Whale Yamato-ni 6 Cans

JP ¥2,948

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Ganso Kujira-ya is a traditional whale specialty restaurant founded in 1950 in Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo. Now available in canned form, this legendary flavor was developed by their master chef, who has devoted his career to whale cuisine. Carefully selected whale meat is cooked in a proprietary sauce in sweet-and-spicy Yamato-ni style. Enjoy the old-fashioned flavor that expands in  your mouth with each bite. 

Nutrition information (per 100g): Energy (kcal): 119, Protein (g): 17.1, Fat (g): 0.6,  Carbohydrates (g): 11.4, Sodium (mg): 1030
7 major allergens (wheat, soba, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): wheat
Contents: total weight 120g, drained weight 75g (per can)
Weight (With packaging): 950g
Country of origin: Japan
How to enjoy: Enjoy directly after opening. (Easy-open can.)
-Be careful not to cut hands on can edges.
-Expiration period is when stored unopened. Consume promptly after opening, regardless of expiration date.
-Transfer to another container before heating.
Storage: Store at room temperature. Avoid high heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.  
Expiration period (from manufacture date): 3 years.
Manufacturer: Iwate-Kanzume, Inc.


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Item No. V03607999028

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