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  9. Kumanofude Grace set blue


Kumanofude Grace set blue

JP ¥16,500

4560257956391 In Stock V02470999028


Kumanofude Grace set blue

JP ¥16,500

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A bargain set containing a cheek brush, highlighter, eye shadow, eyebrow and portable lip brush. Each item is of excellent quality. It includes a carrying case so it also makes for a perfect present. 

[Cheek Brush]
Soft yet resilient, the bristles firmly retain powder, therefore you can put on blush the way your like it depending on the way you use the bristles.  

It is a flat type and since the bristles are diagonally arranged, it is easy to create a natural look and perfect also for those using a highlight brush for the first time.  
[Eye Shadow]
An eye shadow brush with short bristle length, therefore easy to draw a clean line. The bristle color is natural beige.  

This is an eyebrow brush with very short bristle length which is recommended for those covering the eyebrows delicately. With just the right firmness and resiliency, gradation can be created beautifully. 

It is a flat type with the corners of the brush nice and firm, you can fill in the corners of the lips beautifully using the corner of the brush. This is a portable, retractable lip brush. 

■ Size details (mm): Cheek hair length 3,5 cm Total 15.5 cm, Highlight hair length 3 cm Total 15 cm, Eye shadow hair length 1 cm Total 12.5 cm, Lip hair length 1 cm Total 14.5 cm, Eyeblow hair length 5 mm Total 12 cm
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 140
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 140
■ Materials / Ingredients: cheek, highlight Goat's black stain, eye shadow is a tree squirrel, mobile lip is boxed with case with a case with Wiesel
■ Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano
■ Brand name: Tanseido
■ Handling Precautions: How to Care for Cosmetic Brushes
Basic: Care every time you use a brush
① If you use a natural hair brush, let's wipe off the powder on the tissue.
② Lip brushes wipe off the color with tissues after use.
③ Let's dissolve the shampoo in lukewarm water once every six months, wash it, finish it with rinse and align coat and dry it.
■ There are other stocks to some extent, but if there is no stock, the product will be produced after ordering. For delivery dates, please contact our support center.

Item No. V02470999028
Jan: 4560257956391

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