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Cooked food

Natural Maebi Shrimp (Ariake Sea)

JP ¥540
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In Stock V00721999028

Cooked food

Natural Maebi Shrimp (Ariake Sea)

JP ¥540

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Shiba shrimp of Ariake Sea (Maebi) has been boiled with salt and then dried.  No additives are used so you can enjoy the flavor of shrimp itself.  Also, this can be used for various dishes.

Contents: 40g
Origin: Ariake Sea
How to enjoy: Enjoy as-is.
Storage: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.  
Manufacturer: Yamahira

Item No. V00721999028

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Natural Maebi Shrimp (Ariake Sea) 5

Post date 18/03/2019 Monday
产品包装简洁,芝虾个头大,新鲜、纯净、鲜美。在everything 购物体验完美,送货速度准时。完全打消了之前网购的担心。希望everything 能够增加日本各地特产以及各类药妆。非常乐意再次购买。

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