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Clear Folder 5pcs set (Pine in Light Green)

JP ¥1,650

In Stock V02807999028
WATALIS Corporation


Clear Folder 5pcs set (Pine in Light Green)

JP ¥1,650

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Clear folders with carefully chosen kimono designs. All of the designs include symbols of fortune, that are sure to light up your desk. Learning traditional Japanese symbols and designs is a great starting point for appreciating the depth of Japanese culture passed on for centuries. 

Pine tree Because pines live for up to a thousand years, and do not change  color throughout the year, they are said to be a symbol of ‘longtime happiness’ and ‘long healthy relationships’. 

Quantity : 5pcs

Size details: height 31 cm × width 22 cm × thickness 0.2mm

Weight [g]: 175

Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 250

Materials: Translucent Polypropylene (UV printed; ultrasonic welding)

Made in Watari town, Miyagi prefecture 

Brand name: WATALIS 

Handling Precautions: Files may bend when printed documents are placed in them. This happens because polypropylene tends to create a chemical reaction with VOC used in printing inks. 

Item No. V02807999028

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