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Home décor

Lacquer Hina Doll

JP ¥81,477

4589570000000 Out Of Stock V01112999028

Home décor

Lacquer Hina Doll

JP ¥81,477

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Hinamatsuri is a festival that wishes girls' healthy growth. Hina-ningyo is a doll that is displayed during the festival. We made the doll using Japanese lacquer work, a craft that has been passed on since the ancient times. After painting and grinding for number of times, one side is finished black, and the other is polished to show the beautiful grain of Japanese zelkova wood. Since the color and the texture of lacquer easily changes by weather, craftsmen are required to have years of experience. The face and kimono of the doll are drawn with pure gold. Every doll is handmade so that each precious face of the dolls is the only one in the world.

■Materials: Japanse zelkova
■Size Details (approx. mm): Length 200 x Width 400 x Height 120
■Weight (item only) (approx. g): 930
■Weight (including packaging material) (approx. g): 1650
■Made in Maibara,​ Shiga Prefecture
■Brand Name: Ishikyu Butsudanten Co.,​ Ltd.
■Handling Precautions:
*Each item has a slight deffirence in grain pattern, colour and shape.
*Do not drop or apply strong pressure to this item.
*Avoid fire, water, high temperature and humidity. 
*Do not leave in direct sunlight for a long time.
*Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
*Made using natural wood,​ so the color will change due to aging. 
*As this is susceptible to water,​ gently wipe with a dry cloth - do not wipe using water. Rubbing strongly may cause the lacquer to come off.
*When storing,​ wrap in a soft cloth and keep in the package.
*Should there be no stock, the item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item, delivery may delay. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.

Item No. V01112999028
Jan: 4589570000000

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