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  9. Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans set of 7 packages in box

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans set of 7 packages in box

JP ¥3,922

Out Of Stock V04864999028
Ekoro Haru-chan

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Otsu-Hyakufuku Beans set of 7 packages in box

JP ¥3,922

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This is an assortment of popular black bean snack which is made of big sized Tamba black beans from Shiga prefecture. Black beans are roasted at low temperature with hot air and coated with different flavors. It is a set of 7 packages in a box, containing "6 kinds mix" (Biwa lake shrimp, habanero, wasabi, plum with shiso, mustard mayonnaise, and roasted black beans), healthy "curry", popular "soybean flour" which is well-balanced in texture and its sweetness, females's favorite "plum with shiso", sweet-flavored "honey with miso", spicy "wasabi", and "roasted black beans". It can be a perfect gift.



*6 kinds mix<black bean (Shiga prefecture), flour, sugar, starch, vegetable oil, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, white soy sauce, soy sauce, red pepper, habanero, dextrin, wasabi, plum seasoning (dextrin, salt, plum, etc.), Yukari (salt, plum vinegar), shrimp powder, mustard mayonnaise seasoning (egg yolk powder, lactose), thickener (processed starch), spices>

*curry <black bean (Shiga prefecture), flour, sugar, starch, vegetable oil, rice flour, curry seasoning (curry powder, salt, powdered chicken bouillon, etc.), salt, gardenia pigment baking powder, seasoning (amino acid, etc.) fragrance (milk, soybean, and chicken are partially contained.)>

*soybean flour <black bean (Shiga prefecture), soybean flour (soybean), vegetable oil, powdered sugar, flour, sugar, starch, dairy products, rice-bran glue (starch, glutinous rice), syrup, rice flour, baking powder, salt>

*honey with miso <black bean (Shiga prefecture), sugar, flour, starch, miso, maltodextrin, glutinous rice flour, salt>

*plum with shiso <black bean (Shiga prefecture), flour, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, rice flour, plum seasoning (dextrin, salt, plum, etc.), Yukari (salt, plum vinegar), baking powder, coloring agent (red 106, Carotenoids), acidulant, seasoning (amino acid), fragrance>

*wasabi <black bean (Shiga prefecture), flour, starch, white soy sauce, glutinous rice flour, dextrin, wasabi, thickener (processed starch, spice extract, seasoning (amino acid), coloring agent (yellow4, blue 1), and black beans (Tamba, Shiga Prefecture)

(Not GM food)

Weight (incl. packaging): 550g

Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 821g

Place of origin: Shiga Prefecture, Japan

How to serve:

Serve as it is.

Move it to a can or a sealed container after opening the package.

Caution: Some products containing egg, peanut, shrimp, and crab are produced in the same factory.

How to store:

Store at room temperature

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.

■Manufacturer: Ekoro Haru-chan

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04864999028

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