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Kodaishu Bajohai Cup

JP ¥8,800

4957525339916 In Stock V03827999028


Kodaishu Bajohai Cup

JP ¥8,800

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“Kodaishu” is a blackish red color. This cup has rokuro markings, unique to pottery made using wheels. It is a very practical design that fits in the hand well.

Made in Sabae city, Fukui, the origin of the well known Echizen lacquerware craftsmanship. Layers of lacquer are painted on the firm base. Enjoy the traditional craft renown for its beauty. 

■ Weight: 54g

■ Weight (including packaging): 89g

■ Materials: natural wood, lacquer paint

■ Made in Fukui

■ Brand: Echizen Lacquerware

■ Precautions:  Do not use over open heat, or in the oven. microwave oven. Do not soak in water for extended periods of time

Item No. V03827999028
Jan: 4957525339916

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