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  9. Rokko Miso Shio Koji 140 g Glass Jar

Seasoning, Spices

Rokko Miso Shio Koji 140 g Glass Jar

JP ¥848

In Stock V00580999028

Seasoning, Spices

Rokko Miso Shio Koji 140 g Glass Jar

JP ¥848

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Salt koji from an authentic miso brewery. A versatile seasoning for vegetables, pickles, chicken, pork and stewed dishes.

-Ingredients: rice (from Japan), salt, alcohol
-Contents: 140g
-Made in Japan
-Serving Instructions: Use for grilled chicken shiokoji, shiokoji hot pot, stir-fried shiokoji vegetables, steamed Chinese cabbage shiokoji, etc to enhance the flavor of the ingredients. Provides a characteristic aroma and mellow flavor. Also can be used to season various dishes instead of salt.
-By storing in the refrigerator you can control the fermentation/coloring phenomenon. The fibrous brown substance is a part of rice. May become separated, but this is not a problem with quality - simply mix well then use. When opening, be careful not to spill its contents.
-Storage Instructions: After opening, seal then store in the refrigerator. Consume as soon as possible.
-Manufacturer: Rokko Miso Seizojo
-Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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Item No. V00580999028

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