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  9. Letter Paper 5pcs set (Carriage in Lavender)


Letter Paper 5pcs set (Carriage in Lavender)

JP ¥2,530

In Stock V02820999028
WATALIS Corporation


Letter Paper 5pcs set (Carriage in Lavender)

JP ¥2,530

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Short messages by Ippitsusen, is an easy and sweet way of expressing yourself. Unlike letters, there is not much pressure to write in length or be formal. They are a great way for congratulating/thanking those close to you. You can also give a good impression in business scenes by attaching a message to documents/gifts. 

Ox-drawn Carriage In the Heian period in Japan, the nobility used an ox-drawn carriages as transportation device, so it has meaning of “Promotion” “Prosperity”.  It was beautifully decorated by rank and symbolized the world of Genji.

Size details: 18.2 cm × 8.2 cm (20 pages)

Weight [g]: 190

Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 250

Materials: High-quality paper

Made in Watari town, Miyagi prefecture 

Brand name: WATALIS 

Handling Precautions: 

Avoid store near the fire, high heat and humidity.

Do not use till completely dry if it gets wet.

Do not use the product for other purposes.

Although it is great use with pencils and ball-point pens, Using oil-based pen may cause the edges blurry.

Item No. V02820999028

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