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  9. Mini Check 10.0 Boston Bag with Side Pockets

Tote bags

Mini Check 10.0 Boston Bag with Side Pockets

JP ¥13,200

In Stock V05098XXX028

Tote bags

Mini Check 10.0 Boston Bag with Side Pockets

JP ¥13,200

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This mini Boston Bag for daily use is produced by Souvenir Co., Ltd.

It is made with an elegant, chic fabric and faux leather.

It also comes with useful pockets on each side of the bag.


The size of the bag is spacious enough to put notebooks or books which are A4 in size

since it is 10 "sun", which is approximately 30 cm long.

("Sun" is a traditional Japanese unit of length, which is equivalent to 3 cm.)

The experienced craftsmen have put in their efforts on each process of this bag's production,

which made this bag high-quality, plump and cute.


■Color: Choose a color from the SIZE drop down menu.

1.Green 2. Red

■Size: W 46 cm × H 25 cm × approx. D 15 cm

■Materials: Synthetic Fiber, Synthetic Leather


■Made in Kyoto, Osaka

■Brand: Pocchiri

■Manufacturer: Souvenir Co., Ltd.

■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 510


・If the clasp frame loosens, apply moderate pressure on the knob parts toward

the inside of the bag while the bag is open. If it is too tight, do the same toward the outside.

・Do not apply unnecessary pressure on it to keep the bag's shape.

・Getting in contact with water may cause discoloration or color transfer.

・The fabric and the artificial leather are not washable.

・Even if it gets dirty, avoid using paint thinner or benzine to clean.

・When the bag is not in use for a long time, put paper stuffing in it to avoid deformation

and store in a box after drying well and wrapping it with plain paper or cloth. 

Item No. V05098XXX028

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