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  9. Mini Purse Ikemen-Neko


Mini Purse Ikemen-Neko

JP ¥9,900

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Mini Purse Ikemen-Neko

JP ¥9,900

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NOTE: This product is for international buyers.
Not for sale in Japan.

Ikemen-Neko (cat)is designed into this mini purse and it has plenty of space.
This Ikemen-Neko gives you a cool, nonchalant look with its downcast eyes.
It looks like a stuffed animal on the outside, which makes a cute gift for your friends.

・The eye-catching purse is hard to miss in your bag!
・It is easy to store a smartphone, cosmetics and daily essentials in this purse.
*Some smartphones might not fit in the purse depending on the size.
・The objects in the images are not included.

■Materials: Acrylic/Polyester/Cotton
■Made in Tokyo
■Manufacturer: minne
■Size: Width approx.20 cm × Height approx.14 cm
■Weight(g)(Product Only): 50
■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 210
*Slight variations in appearance are artistic qualities, not defects. Since all items are handmade, we cannot create the same product twice.
*We may change parts of this product without prior notice if the manufacturer discontinues providing them.
*All items are handmade and there may be slight imperfections in appearance.
-The Pattern And Color
Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only.
The actual product may vary in color/shape depending on the monitor you use.

[How To Care For Faux Fur]
All products of KEDAMONO are made with faux fur.
Do not store the item in a tight space as faux fur needs air to stay intact.
Stacking other items or pressing it excessively is not recommended. Store as is.
When the fur gets matted, use a dryer and apply heat from the base to end
while keeping the fur from getting too close to the heat.
*Avoid holding the dryer too close, it might cause the fur to shrink.
It is also effective to comb gently from the base toward the ends with a slicker brush. 



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  ・ Japan

Item No. V05037999028
Jan: 8137628554171

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