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  7. January A festive table to celebrate the New Year


In Japan, people eat a special meal called "O-Sechi" on New Year's Day. O-Sechi is filled with seasonal ingredients and lucky motifs to pray for happiness in the new year. This month, we're featuring lucky foods and dishware to help you enjoy a little O-Sechi of your own.

A simple yet elegant festive meal.

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Kishu Plum Red Snapper Plum JPY 540 Candied Plum [Rubia] JPY3,877 Umeshu -MISAO- JPY 10,800
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K&K Canned Snack Premium Kasumi, Hyogo Red Snow Crab Meat Steamed in Sake JPY 864 K&K Canned Snack P Hokkaido Smoked Scallops in Oil JPY 486 Canned Japanese-style rolled omelet JPY 736
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Kinmata's Simmered Black Beans JPY 2,386 Ryotei-no-Waza Sesame Tofu Matcha JPY 347 Ryotei-no-Waza Sesame Tofu Black Sesame JPY 347
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[Miyama] Mizu-hiki Red and White Dish Set JPY 3,888 Agedaruma Chopsticks Set Crimson JPY 3,240

January Tumbler

Shining like the sun over allDouble-Wall Tumbler Rei Hana Titanium - Kogane
JPY 10,800

The "Kogane" (Gold) color is a yellow that gives off light, just like gold. Japan has been a gold producer since ancient times, and was even called the "Land of Gold" by Italian traveler Marco Polo. Used in artwork and architecture, gold has been a symbol of wealth and abundance since antiquity, and it shines on today.


It's exciting to get seasonal colored tumbler every month.

We are presenting six colored tumblers for the perfect seasonal mood every month. With each tumbler, look forward to learning Japanese color names that evoke the seasons.


Pure titanium double tumbler Rei Hana titanium special features

1. Pure titanium with no off-flavor.


You can enjoy the real taste with no off-flavor because it is made with pure titanium. It uses original chemical treatment that is also adopted for medical use, so it can be drunk safely.

2. Double structure that can be drunk either hot or cold


Because it is double structured, cold drinks are kept cold . Even when you pour hot drinks, the surface of the tumbler won't get hot!

3. The rim fits perfectly to your mouth


Although it is is double structured, the rim is surprisingly thin made by high welding technique using titanium.

4. Creamy and smooth froth


When you pour beer, the bumps on the inside of the cup creates creamy and smooth froth. This froth keeps the deliciousness of beer inside the cup.

5. Beautiful color created with the same way as rainbows


Beautiful colors created with the same way as rainbows. It can be safely used because it uses natural colors instead of painting.


It is inside an elegant a box of paulownia wood. It can be used as a gift for anniversaries as well.


“Sakura” (Cherry Blossom) for February
After Setsubun (Lunar New Year), the Japanese calendar turns to spring. Presenting a table setting with seasonal ingredients and a sakura tumbler that delights the eye.

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