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Cooked food

Handy Silk Salt Konbu

JP ¥324

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Treasure food

Cooked food

Handy Silk Salt Konbu

JP ¥324

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“Handy Silk Salt Konbu” is salted konbu made from Hokkaido konbu kelp. It is cut into very thin slices, giving it a unique texture. The salty and slightly sweet kelp is very easy to eat. Pour it over rice or use it as a secret ingredient in your favorite dish.

■Ingredients: Kelp, soy sauce, sugar, salt, collagen, olive leaf powder, seasoning (amino acid etc), sorbit, thickener (pullulan); (some ingredients include soy, wheat, gelatin)

■Nutrition information per serving (100g): · Energy (kcal): 246 · Protein (g): 20.4 · Lipid (g): 0.3 · Carbohydrate (g): 40.5· Sodium (mg): 7900

■Out of the 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, shrimp, crab): Contains wheat

■Content: 40g

■Content (including packaging): 45g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: Pour it over rice, or put it in rice balls, porridge, salad, pasta, or pickled dishes 

■Precautions: Once opened, finish as soon as possible. Zip the bag firmly.

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, heat, and humidity 

■Best by date (from manufacture): 10 months

■Manufacturer: Takara Shokuhin, Co.

Item No. V03224999028
Jan: 4904768123321

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