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Gochi Soap: Taniguchi Farm Tomato Soap

JP ¥929

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Gochi Soap: Taniguchi Farm Tomato Soap

JP ¥929

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Gochi Soap is an additive-free cosmetics brand that uses ingredients from northern Hokkaido, maximizing the inherent characteristics of the ingredients and creating each and every product by hand. 

Taniguchi Farm Tomato Soap is made of organic tomato juice from Taniguchi Farm, Higashi-Asahikawa. The lycopene in tomatoes has a strong antioxidant effect, preventing the oxidization that causes spots, wrinkles, sagging, and acne. Recommended for individuals with skin breakout concerns.

Weight (product only) (g): 60
Weight (with packaging) (g): 65
Ingredients: olive fruit oil, coconut oil, palm oil, water, tomato juice, sodium hydroxide, castor oil,  tocopherol (Vitamin E), rosemary extract
Origin: Hokkaido Prefecture
Brand: Gochi Soap
Precautions: (Instructions)
Fully rinse face or body with hot water before washing.
Use foaming net or sponge for more effective lathering.
Rub foam into skin as you wash, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.


Item No. V03679999028
Jan: 4589969810142

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