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Powdered Dashi Kombu

JP ¥648

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Katai Pharmaceutical


Powdered Dashi Kombu

JP ¥648

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The "Shirokuchihama Giant Kelp" from Hakodate, Hokkaido is dried and crashed into the fine powder.  This "Funmatsu Dashi Konbu (powdered kelp for stock)" in the special bottle is so versatile.  A quick sprinkle can add the depth to your dishes as the secret seasoning, and the use like regular powdered stock is the must-have for your soup/stew recipes.  Enjoy the flavor of the authentic kelp stock with no hassle.  

■ Nutrition information (per 100g): Energy (kcal): 285, Protein (g): 5.8, Fat (g): 1.9,  Carbohydrates (g): 60.2, Sodium (mg): 3500
■ Contents: 50g
■ Country of origin: Japan
■ How to enjoy: Adjust amount as desired.
■ Caution: Remove seal from inner lid before use.
■ Storage: Store away from heat and humidity.
■ Expiration date (from manufacture date): 365 days
■ Manufacturer: Katai Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Item No. V02286999028
Jan: 4901001117062

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