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POLS Established in 2015
Textile designer: Kanako Kajihara
A factory brand that started from a collaboration between a textile manufacturer Maruman Corporation, and Kanako Kajihara who is a former textile designer at Issei Miyake. The textile is a mixture of traditional technique and cutting-edge technique.


from Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto for POLS Expressing from the traditional Banshu-textile
Enjoy textiles that look like art work

POLS is a textile brand that started from a collaboration between a yarn dyeing textile manufacturer "Maruman" (Hyogo・Nishiwaki city) established in 1901, and a textile designer Kanako Kajihara.

It is famous for its clear cut Jacquard textile from dyed yarn. The soft yet strong, traditional yet modern woven fabric is what makes POLS special.

"POLS PINK doesn't get muddy"
The historic Banshu-textile from Nishiwaki city is famous for its bright colors applied from yarn dyeing textile. The subtle color is soft yet strong. PINK is the clear blood that runs through the blood vessel of POLS. It's the color of the cloth flushing with excitement.

Hyogo prefecture Nishiwaki city,
the location of Maruman is the hometown of the modern artist Mr. Tadanori Yokoo. It is a town that still has many strange attractions and fork roads which has now become his motif. The city shows the charm of the new but also nostalgic modern textile.

By wearing POLS, make your ordinary day become special. It can be a clothing you wear to an art museum, or a clothing that makes your surrounding turn into an art museum.


Text/Kazuki Kitahara(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto)
He started a boutique shop "itocaci" in October 2016.
With the concept of increasing people who enjoys clothings, he manages a boutique shop, interviews apparel producing areas, and plans events in order to establish the apparel culture.

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