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Edo Cat Round Plate Goldfish

JP ¥2,200

4963972067401 In Stock V03492999028
Adelia (ADERIA)


Edo Cat Round Plate Goldfish

JP ¥2,200

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One of the famous ukiyoe artist "Kuniyoshi Utagawa" in the end of Edo period. This is a small plate "Edo Cat" which is contemporary arranged of the ukiyoe, painted by cats lover Kuniyoshi Utagawa. A cat with its unique face and act is painted on the glass plate which is useful as a plate for dining and can be an interior to decorate your room as well. As it is packaged in a decorative box, it will be a great gift.

"Goldfish" is designed with a cat trying to aim a goldfish which is filled with a lot of lively movement.


Materials: soda glass

Place of production: Aichi prefecture

Name of brand: ADERIA

Size: max 12 x 12 cm Height 1.8 cm

Weight (g)(item only): 110

Weight (g)(incl. packaging): 140

Item No. V03492999028
Jan: 4963972067401

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