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Relaxation goods

Fen Shui Incense Set of 2

JP ¥1,760

In Stock V05542XXX028

Relaxation goods

Fen Shui Incense Set of 2

JP ¥1,760

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Under the direction of MIREY, a Girly Feng Shui specialist,
this set of incense was created by a renowned incense shop, Baieido in Osaka.

Girly Feng Shui is aimed to bring good luck and amazing scent to the girls and women
who are especially feeling stressed.

1. Rose/Love
Calm you down and relieve you of stress. Enhance your feminine side, bring out your attractiveness.

2. Cypress/Health
The fresh scent of the forest helps you relax. 

3. Honey & Vanilla/Money 
Honey's yellow color is believed to bring wealth. Material wellness plays a big role to your health.
Enjoy the sweet and vanilla scent, which helps you feel happiness and satisfaction. 

4. Mint/Work 
Peper mint helps you refresh your mind. Let's keep a clear mind to come up with great business ideas. 

5. Lavender/General
Lavender inevitably relaxes your mind. All good fortune comes from a relaxed mind. No bad luck happens where the good scent is. 

■Scent: Choose from the drop-down menu.
1. Rose   2. Cypress  3. Honey & Vanilla 4. Mint 5. Lavender
■Set Includes: Feng Shui Incense x 2 
■Size: 【Incense】approx. L7cm(burns 18 minutes/incense)【Stand】apporx. 5.6cm x 1.2c x 0.8cm
■Material:【Incense】Fragrance, Punk Sticks、Machilus Thunbergii【Stand】Ceramic
■Made in Osaka
■■Manufacturer: Baieido Co., Ltd.  
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 10
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 59
・Use on a stand or inflammable incense stand. 
・Keep out of reach of children. 
・Do not use for other purposes. 
・Put out incense when unattended.
・The color might change or there might by some crystallization but it doesn't affect the quality. 

【Honey & Vanilla】4960776003437

Item No. V05542XXX028

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