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Incense and Nanbu Tekki Incense Stand Set - KYARA

JP ¥55,000

In Stock V02879999028
Umehwodo Co., Ltd.


Incense and Nanbu Tekki Incense Stand Set - KYARA

JP ¥55,000

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World-famous industrial designer "Kiyoyuki Okuyama" who is famous as "The first non-Italian man who designed Ferrari". These high quality incenses and beautiful stand are designed by “KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN” leads by him.

A limited-edition with only 356 set available (with serial numbers). The stand is an origami-inspired design that balances modernness and Japanese beauty. The incenses have the elegant fragrance of eaglewood. They can also be used as a “incense clocks”. Each stick lasts for 30 minutes, and has lines for every 10 minutes. 

Size details: incense approx. 8.3 cm; stand approx. 12cm×approx. 4cm ×approx. 2.5cm

Weight [g]: incense approx. 6; stand approx. 359 

Weight (including packing) [g]:approx. 916

Ingredients: IncenseEaglewood, Vietnamese aloes wood, Indian sandalwood, Cloves, Machilus etc. Incense stand steel

Made in Sakai, Osaka 


Always use in a nonflammable burner or container.
Keep away from small children.
Do not use for purposes other than enjoying fragrance or in Buddhist rituals.
Do not leave the heat unaccompanied. 

Other: Because this is a limited-edition product, with only 356 purchases available.

Item No. V02879999028

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