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Kitchen articles

Sunny Side Up Maker

JP ¥440

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Skater (Skater)

Kitchen articles

Sunny Side Up Maker

JP ¥440

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"Sunny Side Up Maker" is a convenient kitchen tool that you can make a quick and easy delicious sunny side up by using just a microwave. Just put a raw egg and microwave it. Since it has an enough height which makes it evenly heated, a beautiful sunny side up will be ready easily. By adjusting the heating time, you can enjoy its different texture as you prefer. It is very convenient to make breakfast or lunch box for your busy morning.


Materials: polypropylene

Place of production: Japan

Name of brand: Microwave-Use Cooking Series

Manufacturer: The SKATER Co., Ltd.

Color: Basic

Size: 147 x 108 x 47 mm

Size Details: W14.7 x D 10.8 x H 4.7cm 

■Weight (g) (item only): 65

■Weight (g) (incl. packing): 70

Handling cautions:

Do not use dishwasher


Item No. V04394999028
Jan: 4973307116353

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