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Heel Smoother with Case - Tabi-bijin

JP ¥1,296

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Heel Smoother with Case - Tabi-bijin

JP ¥1,296

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Are your heels, knees, and elbows hard and rough? This two-sided smoother will clean them all up! Roughness differs on front and back to suit all preferences. All you have to do is softly rub it on to the targeted area, and your skin will soften like never before. Usable without water. Works great on corns as well.

Size (mm): 260 x 54 x 25mm  
Weight (item only) [g]: 65
Weight (including packaging) [g]: 70
Polisher: Water-resistant sand paper (coarse and mild sides)
Sponge: Polyethylene foam
Body: ABS resin (antibacterials included)
Made in Japan
Brand Name: Tabi Bijin

How to Use:
Use warm bathwater and scrub hard heels, elbows, or knees to remove hardened keratin
There are two sides with different levels of roughness, so use according to skin condition
Can be used without water as well
After use, apply a moisturizing cream. Our own “smooth heel cream” is highly recommended.
Use gently at first, and adjust strength
Too much rubbing can cause skin problems
Avoid use on young children or soft skin
Do not use on areas with skin abnormalities
Wash with cold or warm water and dry thoroughly
Keep out of reach of small children 

Other information:
Maintain your skin easily with the two-sided scraper
Side A (rough):For scraping hard skin
Side B (mild):For polishing knees and elbows
The two sides have scrapers with different levels of roughness; use the side that suits the targeted area. Just softly rub the scraper onto your dry hard skin and it will become unbelievably soft and smooth

Item No. V03590999028

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