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Sanuki Somen Noodles

JP ¥432

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Sakui Sanuki


Sanuki Somen Noodles

JP ¥432

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Dry noodles made using carefully selected wheat and traditional processing techniques. Enjoy the thin but chewy texture unique to sanuki noodles. 

■Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt

■Nutrition information per 100g:  · Energy (kcal): 330 · Protein (g): 9 · Lipid (g): 1 · Carbohydrate (g): 71.3 · Sodium (mg): 4600

■Out of the 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, shrimp, crab): Contains wheat

■Content: 250g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: (1)Prepare the soup/sauce and spices beforehand. (2)Put 2L of water in a deep pot. Drop the noodles when the water comes to boil. (3)Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, watching the fire so that the water doesn’t overflow. Adjust the boiling time so that the softness meets your preference. (4)Drain the boiling water using a colander, and rinse the noodles with cold water. 

■Precautions: This product is produced in the same facility as buckwheat-containing products 

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and humidity

■Best by date (from manufacture): 18 months

■Manufacturer: Kishuya, Co.

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Item No. V01954999028
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