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Brand Concept


Sentiments from nature take form.

I create accessories inspired by the plants and scenery I find on hikes.

The mountains are overflowing with plant varieties, and sometimes I stumble onto unexpected shapes and sights. The miniature world beneath my feet is full of different types of plants, and offers me refreshing surprises every time I hike.

I aim to create works that give form to the discoveries, feelings, and impressions gained when I walk in the forests and mountains, and that bring the atmosphere of nature closer to you in harmony with your daily life.


Comment bynewjewelry

The artist succeeds in incorporating plant motifs she discovers out hiking into jewelry designs with a contemporary flair, presenting organic yet sophisticated jewelry.

Designer’s Profile


Yuri Miyata

From Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
Studied ceramic design at university, then worked as a model designer at a Western-style dishware company for 5 years.
Became independent and began creating accessories in 2015.
Currently active in the Tokyo area. Regularly hikes in mountains near and far.

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