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točit Established 2013
Designer: Chiaki Kakine
I grew up hearing the sound of sewing machines sewing factory-brand hats for a hat manufacturer in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture. I create "decorative hats" that blend into the scenery of daily life, out of a desire to bring hats closer to us.


from Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto for točit Hats that decorate your daily life and become close friends over time

točit hats become your close friends over many years of use.

We don't wear hats every day, and they have no chance to step out into the world on days we don't wear them. točit wants hats to feel close to you even when you don't wear them, add color to your life, and become artwork when hung in your room.

Decorate your room with a hat to add panache to your daily life. As you spend more time with a hat, it will blend into your daily life and wardrobe.

These točit hats come from a veteran hat factory with a history of 70 years. Simple, soft design is sprinkled with unique touches. Because learning technique encourages us to rely on it, this factory creates hats from freewheeling ideas that don't take technique into account. Their hat-making requires the development of new techniques, combining old techniques, and accumulated trial-and-error.

točit hats become special items that allow the creator and the wearer to spend time together.

Include a special hat in your wardrobe to add color to your life.


Text/Kazuki Kitahara(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto)
He started a boutique shop "itocaci" in October 2016.
With the concept of increasing people who enjoys clothings, he manages a boutique shop, interviews apparel producing areas, and plans events in order to establish the apparel culture.

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