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BLESSEA Proteoglycan Skin Care 100 % Concentrate beauty essence

JP ¥7,344

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BLESSEA Proteoglycan Skin Care 100 % Concentrate beauty essence

JP ¥7,344

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A high concentration, 100% Essence* directly to your skin


This is a high concentrated beauty essence that delivers the power of proteoglycan onto your skin. This is 100% concentrate* which does not contain any other beauty ingredients, paraben, or alcohol, and is also fragrance-free and dye-free. This is smooth texture and it absorbs well to give you moisture and shinny skin. It can be combined with your skin care products that you currently use. You will experience moisture skin that you'd never had. (*because of the cosmetic ingredients)


Aomori proteoglycan is made from natural salmon and with an idea of local people.

Even though proteoglycan had been remarked for a while, it was hard to be extracted, and also was expensive and rare which the cost to produce was 30 million yen/g. However, the research group of Hirosaki University (Hirosaki city, Aomori Pref.)  developed an easy method of extraction of proteoglycan efficiently from salmon's nasal cartilage. Because of the method, they have produced proteoglycan with the cost of 1/100 as before and they became successfully to apply for food and cosmetics. In fact, how they hit upon the method was from the local specialty of Aomori prefecture "Hizu Namasu." As they had a hint from making "Hizu Namasu" which is marinated in vinegar to soften the head of salmon, they had made dramatic progress. Edible acetic acid and alcohol are only used to extract Aomori proteoglycan.


Ingredients: water, BG, water-soluble proteoglycan

Volume (only product): 10ml

Weight: (incl. packaging): 30g

Manufacturing place:  Japan

How to use: apply onto your face after washing face or using skin lotion. For extra care, you can apply to targeted area with your fingertip.

Amount of use (for one time) : 2 ~ 4 drops

Name of the product: BLESSEA Proteoglycan Skin Care Solution


Item No. 699128999028

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