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Brand Concept


"Be yourself."
"Smile with confidence and joy every time you wear our jewelry."

The designer makes all her pieces by hand with a passion for design and quality, leading them to become lifetime signatures for the wearer, envisioning the day they become vintage pieces.
These pieces dramatically attune to your skin, giving you confidence with them close by and casting a spell on your heart.
Jewelry is principally made of 18K gold and diamonds and pearls carefully selected by the artist herself. All pieces are hand-made by the artist and experienced artisans.H SAKAKIYAMA.http://www.h-sakakiyama.tokyo/

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This delicate yet unconventional jewelry is made of silver, gold, and other precious metals. Overlap and combine to enjoy creating your own original styling.

Designer’s Profile

Hitomi Sakakiyama

Hitomi Sakakiyama
Born 1978/11/6. Worked as an apparel sales clerk, buyer, and designer before becoming apprenticed to precious metal accessory craftsman Sadaaki Sato in 2012. She also learned wax molding independently and went to school for CAD design. She started her own jewelry brand, H SAKAKIYAMA., in December 2015.
Also in 2015, she won first place in the attendee vote out of 101 participating artists at the Designer's Festa 2015, a joint jewelry exhibition. Afterward, she was featured in magazines and other media and held limited-time shops at Shinjuku Isetan, Shibuya Hikarie, and other famous department stores, energetically expanding her sphere of activity.

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