Brand Concept


The KANOE jewelry brand takes inspiration from the forms of nature as it explores how to create organic expression from inorganic metal. The artists perform the whole process from design to production, and pour all their experience and sensibility into their jewelry. Three-dimensional forms are cut out of individual thin plates, and each is meticulously created by hand, belying their effortless appearance. Delicate expression and mattified gentle colors transform gradually over time like a plant growing. These jewelry pieces created with a fine, hand-made sensibility slowly internalize time as they adorn your daily life with grace and beauty. KANOE http://www.kanoe-jewelry.jp

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Plants seen in daily life act as motifs to allow jewelry to be worn with a more natural feeling. Their gentle tones and light feel have an appeal totally different from typical glitzy jewelry.

Designer’s Profile

Hiroyuki Murase
Born in Aichi Prefecture. Graduated from Tama Art University, and worked at an order-made jeweler and an accessory manufacturer.
Orie Murase
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University, then worked as a landscape designer at an architectural firm.
Both designers left their positions and traveled around the world for almost two years before beginning their original work. This unit is a fusion of their differing experiences and sensibilities. They perform the entire process from design to production.

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