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RITUAL the crafts Square Necklace M RED MIX

JP ¥7,020

In Stock V04444999028
RITUAL the crafts


RITUAL the crafts Square Necklace M RED MIX

JP ¥7,020

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A necklace (Square) of Mizuhiki are beautiful and sparkle elegantly. Mizuhiki is the one of the Japanese traditional materials, using ones from Iida city, Nagano prefecture which is known as the place of mizuhiki production. Hinoki cypress is used for base of the necklace, considering about the balance of each colors. Wearing them for a long time does not make you tired because the material of mizuhiki is light-weight papers. Waterproof finish.

Design: S MIX A



 Materials: Mizuhiki (paper), Hinoki cypress (tree), brass

 Place of origin: Nagano

 Name of brand: RITUAL the crafts

 Size details: motif 33 mm x 23 mm, chain 410 mm, adjuster 200 mm

 Weight(g) (item only): 12

 Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 48

 Handling precautions:

The products of RITUAL the crafts are used mizuhiki from Iida city, Nagano prefecture. Although the material of mizuhiki is paper, it is useful on a daily basis because of the water proof processing on the surface. Take it off when raining hard and taking a shower.

 Brass is used for its metallic part. If you are caused with some abnormal symptoms,  stop using it and go to see a doctor.

*The artist begins creating this product after take your order. Product will be completed and shipped after 1 to 1.5 months. Please be aware that product is made-to-order and cannot be canceled.

Item No. V04444999028

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