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ennhüt Established in 2012
Designer:Etsuko Tahara
Value enn(relation) between people and people and enn(relation) between people and goods. We make product to make people happy with the concept of making things that remains the warmth of human hands.


from Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto for ennhüt These textiles are guaranteed to inspire surprise and wonder at a touch

“ennhüt” craftsmanship begins with textile design, and we are absolutely confident in the textiles we create.

We create ladies’ and kids’ clothing, pouches, hairbands, and other accessories with these highly recommended textiles.
When you touch an “ennhüt” item, you’ll be surprised and impressed with its comfortable touch and feel.

The materials that produce this sense of wonder are created in consultation with craftsmen in workshops that our designers visit throughout Japan.
The designer’s idea, and the thoughtfulness of the craftsman responding to it mingle together, producing fabrics overflowing with warmth that inspire you every time you touch them.

Our items are made of textiles that combine visual warmth with the kindness of their creators. They will give you a little happiness boost and perk up your day. We invite you to incorporate these gentle, wonder-inspiring “ennhüt” items into your daily life.


Text/Kazuki Kitahara(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto)
He started a boutique shop "itocaci" in October 2016.
With the concept of increasing people who enjoys clothings, he manages a boutique shop, interviews apparel producing areas, and plans events in order to establish the apparel culture.

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