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proef Established in 2011
Designer:Shoudai Igarashi, Emi Saito
"With affection" is our mission. Expanding the business globally in local area with the people who relate to production, sales and consumption by building the sustainable relations.

from Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto for proef Design that creates new value in universal items

Most women have worn stockings or tights. Despite this being a universal, everyday item for women around the world, we had never seen any stockings or tights that added a spark of joy to everyday life, so we were amazed when we found “proef”.

“proef” stockings and tights feature transitions in prints and knitting patterns for intriguing design and striking beauty, and they add fun to an everyday outfit.

“proef” craftsmanship contains design that breathes new worth into everyday items that we might otherwise miss. These designs are easy for everyone to incorporate into their lifestyle and enjoy.

We invite you to include these classic items untouched by changing trends in your everyday life as an opportunity to enjoy your outfit every day.

Text/Kazuki Kitahara(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto)
He started a boutique shop "itocaci" in October 2016.
With the concept of increasing people who enjoys clothings, he manages a boutique shop, interviews apparel producing areas, and plans events in order to establish the apparel culture.

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