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Hanase Wara Established in 2013
Designer:Momoko Fujii
Making contemporaly jewelly of straw materials at Hanawara which is located in the country side of Kyoto. Expanding the possibility of WARA items as fashion and art, by using straw material harvested by ourselves with warmth of nature.

from Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto for Hanase Wara Wear the scenery of Old Japan

The arresting originality hidden in Hanase Wara accessories emerges from our use of straw material in modern accessories.

Accessory crafting at Hanase Wara begins with the rice-planting season in May. We plant our own rice and harvest it in autumn for straw. Working with the elements of nature, the amount we harvest differs every year.

We weave our harvested straw into accessories using weaving techniques learned from elderly local residents. The act of weaving straw may be called a cultural craft rooted in Japan, as in the shimenawa ropes in Shinto, or the straw sandals woven before journeys in the past.

The rice-growing and straw-weaving techniques essential for Hanase Wara accessories both originate in techniques and wisdom accumulated over the ages, and may be considered representative scenes of Old Japan.

These very special Hanase Wara accessories allow the wearer to feel the scenic beauty of Old Japan. We invite you to incorporate these Japanese scenes into your style.

Text/Kazuki Kitahara(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto)
He started a boutique shop "itocaci" in October 2016.
With the concept of increasing people who enjoys clothings, he manages a boutique shop, interviews apparel producing areas, and plans events in order to establish the apparel culture.

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