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Hat, Cap

[tocit]raffia yarn crochet jockey/natural

JP ¥17,600

In Stock V04999999028

Hat, Cap

[tocit]raffia yarn crochet jockey/natural

JP ¥17,600

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This raffia hat has tocit's signature shape.
The draped and pinned up edge creates a beautiful back/side silhouette,
which makes it easy to wear even for the first time hat wearers.

Easily folded, you can bring it anywhere with you.

Since the hat was created imagining a flower vase,
it is adorned with a pin which can hold a flower or a cute little twig.

Also, there's a hook on the brim so you can hang it on the wall as a decoration.

Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only.
The actual product inlucding the pin may vary in color/shape.

■Size Details:
Circumference: 57.5 cm(adjustable down by 2 cm)
Brim: 9 cm
■Material:96% 100% Raffia, 4% Nylon

■Made in Japan
*NOTE: Raffia is imported from China, the hat is handemade in Onomich, Hiroshima.
■Weight (g) (product only):118
■Weight (g) (Including packaging):438
・The product's feature is its design and texture, not durability. Avoid washing.
・Getting in contact with moisture such as water, rain, perspiration or frictions against other material may cause discoloration.
・The pin and the hook are made of brass. If you're allergic to brass, be careful not to touch them directly.

tocit's design concept is "hats that can be displayed as decorations".

You might be used to the idea of wearing a hat, taking it off once you get home
and putting it in the back of the closet.

We challenge that notion, we want our hats to be a significant part of your room.
Just like people change the hats depending on the season or style, we thought,
there should be hats you choose to wear depending on the mood or the room you're in.

In hopes that more people will enjoy decorating the room with hats, we put a hook on the brim.

Also, the pins on the hats are newly designed each season.
The hat is adorned with a pin so that you could enjoy putting a flower or
a little twig just like you would in a vase.

Item No. V04999999028

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