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The attitude to make things in Japan

"Items born from the Japanese setting"
The whole world is full of wonderful things.
The same is true in Japan.
In "what it means to create an object", we feature outstanding items with a focus on brands and people working in Japan.

The individuality created by working in Japan and the amazing objects born from the Japanese climate each have a story.

Learn about the creators and the background of their creative work, and incorporate these excellent items into your lifestyle.


"モノをツクルというコト(Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto: making a product)" is formed by the cooperation of three types of people with different backgrounds; an event/ planning producer, fashion designer, and a boutique owner.

We "モノをツクルというコト"have held many events at department stores and more to present the minds of the ones who make the products, in order to create a connection between the producer and the consumer.

We took advantage of the different backgrounds and have covered products from traditional industries to latest fashion brands.
Through our events and projects, we introduce the cute, cool, pretty, and beautiful aspects of the brands.

We would like to continue holding events that will create new encounters and opportunities to make people feel positive and happy as much as possible.


Handwriting is like dyeing your feelings onto paper.

yuka ishikawa

Accessories embodying the Japanese aesthetic of harmony produced by shadow


Expressing from the traditional Banshu-textile
Enjoy textiles that look like art work


Hats that decorate your daily life and become close friends over time


Beautiful clothes from the city of weaving


Unique clothing sustained by Japanese technology

Hanase Wara

Wear the scenery of Old Japan


Design that creates new value in universal items


These textiles are guaranteed to inspire surprise and wonder at a touch


Our magical fabric shines a light on its wearer, its birthplace, and the future

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