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The "Sori Yanagi" Design Collection for the ultimate usability.
Sori Yanagi is the leading product designer in Japan. He is the one of the best industrial designers in Japan.
He has been designing for a wide variety of categories including furniture like the famous Butterfly Stool, one of the permanent collection at MOMA, kitchenware, and Tokyo Olympics torch holder.
Named as the Person of Cultural Merits in 2002 for his accomplishment.
Our stainless steel kitchenware started out when we requested Mr. Yanagi for the design and launched the #1250 Stainless Steel Cutlery in 1974. Ever since, we have expanded our stainless steel range, such as kettles and single-handed pans, and now our "Sori Yanagi Design Series" is one comprehensive brand of kitchenware and tableware.
Sori Yanagi products do not rely on drawings, rather base on the through investigation of actual usability with the real-sized models. Such methodology is the reason why we can actualize his philosophy of the "practical beauty", or "usable and beautiful" products.

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