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We are the tea maker in Uji, Kyoto to offer the new values of tea while honoring the tradition we have had since the Edo era. The tea making tradition of Ito Kyuemon started in the late Edo era. Our highest quality tea we have carefully perfected has been warranted by famous temples and shrines. Today, we still pursue yet another world of Uji tea with the tea salon to offer a wide variety of ways to enjoy tea and the development/online sales of maccha cakes/candies.
While we have been changing to stay close to the aroma of time, there are two things we have stubbornly preserved. One is to keep pursuing the quality of tea only Ito Kyuemon can offer. And the other is to keep adopting new senses in order to widely communicate the virtue of Uji tea. We have been offering newer and more casual ways to enjoy Uji tea that suit the contemporary lifestyle, in addition to the traditional style to brew in the tea pot.
To the entire country, and to the world. Our mission is to communicate the beautiful color, rich aroma and flavor unique to Uji tea as well as the charm of the town of Uji.

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