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  9. [Clip-On Earrings] Bloom Purple & White


[Clip-On Earrings] Bloom Purple & White

JP ¥8,640

0696897057564 In Stock V01928999028


[Clip-On Earrings] Bloom Purple & White

JP ¥8,640

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Cutely designed flower earrings. Because it is made of paper, the shape is adjustable. Move the petals around to make a diverse array of designs. 

Tottori prefecture’s Inshu washi paper is the first washi paper that was certified as Japan’s official traditional crafts. This top quality paper is known to be both beautiful and sturdy. YOBOTY has made a line of accessories using Inshu paper. Enjoy the different colors and designs of authentic washi. 

■ Size details: 145 x 120 mm 

■ Weight [g]: 2 

■ Weight (including packing) [g]: 5 

■ Materials: [Clip-on Earrings] Inshu washi paper, Metal: Rhodium [Earrings] Inshu washi paper, Metal: Titanium 

■ Origin: Tottori City 

■ Brand name: Inshu Washi YOBOTY 

■ Handling Precautions:

· Refrain from using if the product does not fit your skin.

· Take extra caution if you have any metal allergies

· If the product gets wet in water, adjust the shape quickly and wait for it to dry naturally.

· Although washi paper is durable and hard to tear, please use carefully.

· When clip-on earrings, adjust the width of the metal fittings  to fit the thickness of your ear lobes

Item No. V01928999028
Jan: 0696897057564

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