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Seasoning, Spices

Oyster Dashi with Akinada Iriko (broth) 10 Packets

JP ¥864

In Stock V04896999028
Hiroshima Yanmar Shoji Co., Ltd.

Seasoning, Spices

Oyster Dashi with Akinada Iriko (broth) 10 Packets

JP ¥864

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This is a flavorful Oyster and Iriko Dashi made with 5 main ingredients of Katsuo Hongare Bushi/Arabushi (dried bonito flakes), 
Niboshi Urume Iwashi (dried baby Sardines), Kare-Saba Bushi (dried mackerel flakes), Koshin-Shiitake (dried Koshin mushrooms), Rijiri Konbu.
Blended using a special technique developed in the course of 20 years, it will accentuate your daily dishes.  

Each Dashi comes in a packet, which can be used for Asaduke or as seasoning. 
You can also make Dashi Soy Sauce by letting the packet sit in the soy sauce for a while.
The product contains 10 packets.

■Ingredient:Salt, Sugar, Oyster Extract, Dried Bonito Flakes, Dried Baby Urume Sardines, Dried Katakuchi Sardines, 
Dried Mackerel Flakes, Powdered Soy Sauce, Shiitake Mushrooms, Vegetable Oil, Konbu, Seasoning (Amino Acid).
*This product contains wheat and soy.
■Nutrition Facts :8.4g/Packet
・Calories (kcal):18.5
・Protein (g):1.8
・Fat (g):0.1
・Carbohydrate (g):2.6
・Sodium (mg):1,512
■Out of 7 major allergens (wheat · buckwheat · egg · milk · peanut · shrimp · crab): This product contain wheat.
■Weight: 84g
■Weight (incl. packaging):100g
■Country of Origin: Kagoshima, Japan 
1 packet serves 3 to 5 people
1) Put 1 packet into a pot with 4 cups of water.
2) After boiling the water, take out the packet.

*Note: The packet contains seasoning. Modify the packet's amount you use depending on the dishes.

■For Osuimono or Oden, use 1 packet/approx. 600ml of water.
■For Nimono, use 1 packet/approx. 300ml of water add a little bit of soy sauce, For Takikomi Gohan, use 1 packet/180ml of rice.
■For Miso Soup, use 1 packet/approx. 700ml of water. Use a little less Miso than usual, since the packet itself will add saltiness. 
   1 packet will serve 6-7 cups of Miso Soup.
■For Chawanmushi or Soba and Udon, use 1 packet/approx. 300ml of water. For Tentsuyu, use 1 packet/approx. 200ml of water.

◆Other usage:
*Sprinkle the content of packet onto Chinese Cabbages, Cucumbers, Japanese White Laddish and make Asaduke. 
*Sprinkle on the rice and make Onigiri.
*Seasoning for Stir Fry, Donmono, Fried Rice, etc. 
*Seasoning for hamburger steaks or Teriyaki.
・Use quickly after opening.
・Processed in a facility that uses eggs, milk, wheat, buck wheat, shrimps and crabs.
・No preservatives, artificial sweetener or coloring are used.
■Storage Instruction:Avoid high temperature/humidity, store in dark cool places. Refrigerate after opening.
■Shelf Life Before Opening: 18 months from the manufactured date.

Item No. V04896999028

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