☆★  Halloween Deal★☆

Free 1,000 yen coupon to use on your purchase of
10,000 yen or more!

* * *

"Trick or Treat!"
Get in a festive mood with this special deal!
Enjoy shopping with this coupon from EFJ!

Coupon code:「EN10HACAMP」
Deal valid: 2019/10/8 (Tues) - 2019/10/31 (Thurs)

How to use this coupon:
*Just enter 「EN10HACAMP」into the coupon code field at the bottom of the confirmation page on your next order.
*Only valid for purchases of 10,000 yen and up.
*May not be combined with other coupons.
*May be used any number of times during valid period.
*The coupon code is 10 characters long. (Make sure not to enter any spaces at the end.)